Country: Finland
Title: The Devil Inherits the World
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

The band is not a newcomer on the Finish scene, they've actually been around since 2006 and released a couple of EPs, a demo and another couple of singles prior to being ready for this first studio album. Probbaly the many line-up changes lead to this delay in releasing their debut, but the good thing is they managed to land a deal with Spanish Art Gates, so probably this debut album will push their name a bit further out there, at least outside Finland. It seems the band comes from a Black Metal background, but at the moment their compositions could be labelled as Death Metal with Thrash and Black Metal influences. The instrumental part sounds like what was considered Modern Death Metal but at the beginning of the '00's, so at this moment it cannot be considered old-school nor modern, but something in between. The vocals on the other hand are straight up modern sounding, comprehensive, commanding and groovy when the song stuctures allows it, and that sounds interesting in combination with the instrumental part. The tempos are mostly fast, there are plenty of groovy parts, plenty of Thrash-influenced too, and a surprising element, some Amorphis-like repetitive and catchy guitar riffs. Where it lacks, except for the 6th track, Malefica, is the catchiness, the tracks are good but don't stick to your mind, after a spin you can hardly remember anything. So bottom line we have here a good album, with a few surprising elements, but one that sounds promising rather than mature enough, and for a band with 12 years history behind it's quite a big question.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10