Country: Poland
Title: Krwawy sztorm
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2018
Style: Black Death Metal

The band's third studio album is released 15 years after the band's foundation and only 3 years distance from their previous full-length, so it probably means they are getting more and more active as time passes. This new album offers half an hour of fast paced and merciless Black Death Metal delivered in an old-school to your face, no compromises, organic and totally furious fashion. Fans of the genre will probably enjoy these 9 tracks, but unfortunately for me I had a hard time finding something to keep in mind after the audition... I get it, it's all about speed and brutality here, but in this day and age you need something more to stand out from the crowd, and there are a lot of bands playing a similar style not only Worldwide, but also in Poland; probably some more display of musicianship, some more variety, or even a new element to attract the attention. Otherwise there's nothing to fault the band for inhere, the intensity, the excellent production, the anger and precision they present their new tracks is formidable and should at least be given a chance by fans of the genre, I'm just saying they might be capable of coming up with something original, too in the future.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10