Country: Germany
Title: The Makeshift Conqueror
Label: Noizgate Records
Year: 2020
Style: Melodic Progressive Death Metal

Well, well, well, I remember this band's previous album, In Cycles, and my first encounter with their music, 4 years ago when I thought they've produced the perfect album, so here we are in 2020 with a new Burden of Life album, their fourth. It starts like the band had just turned Coldplay or something, and although it sounds flawless it was a shock, to tell you the truth. Yet the second track brings forth their massive guitar riffs, heavy drumming, and growling vocals so it's all back to "normal". What they do at best is to perfectly blend aggressive and oppressive passages with melodic, ethereal ones, symphonic or acoustic even, and at the same time to blend energetic passages with dreamy, calm ones in a manner the listener will find everything as natural yet there's so much complexity and thought thrown into these tracks, there's so much to enjoy and discover at every corner or every track that it feels the band has reached a state of beyond perfection. Labeling this as Melodic Death Metal could be a bit (or more) out of order as the band often leaves that territory and ventures into straight Progressive Metal, a softer and wider territory, but again it all feels natural and apart from the fact you don't expect what comes next, when it comes it feels like "yeah, that's it". I can't believe these guys are not on every mainstream metal media out there... I can't recommend this enough, most probably one of my fave 2020 releases!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10