Terra Caput Mundi is an amazing speed/thrash/heavy metal band and here is an interview with drummer Sarah and guitar/bass/vocalist Jared:


Tell me about the early days of the band. How did you all find each other and has the band always been based in the MO area?
: I conceived TCM in 2005 as an idea to combine two loves of mine: barnstorming heavy metal and the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40000 universe (like the first BOLT THROWER album). After doing some home recordings I recruited Sarah and (original guitar player) Zack in 2007. With this lineup we did the debut album "Warp Speed Warriors". Zack left in 2010 and shortly afterwards we recruited Destructsean on guitar. This is the current lineup and the one that recorded the most recent album "Lost in the Warp". And yes, we've always called Gateway Hive MO our home base.


Were any of you in any other bands before you found each other?
: I've been in a few other bands, most notably DIE WASTED and SPLATTER WHORE.


This will be for both of you. How did each one of you come to play the instrument you currently play and same for Jared, plus the vocals?
: I picked up the bass because it was easier than the guitar, haha! And I'm not really sure how I came about singing; it's probably an extension of the fact that I enjoy writing lyrics so much.
Sarah: In fifth grade beginning band, I was interested in both drums and flute. I was steered toward flute. More than a decade later, after I graduated college, got my first job and was making money, I still wanted to play drums so I bought myself a drumkit. That's the American dream, right?
MC: Tell me a bit about each band member.
Jared: I sling the bass and shout, Destructsean headbutts people, Sarah pounds out the artillery commands! Not much else to tell!


So when the 3 of you came together what was there instant chemistry and tell me about the early practices and what were some early cover tunes you played around with?
: When we first started with an actual lineup the chemistry was pretty good. We had a handful of songs ready to play that I had completed before an actual lineup was secured, and after we learned those we swiftly started writing songs as a unit. The covers we're most well-known for doing are tunes by MANILLA ROAD and METALUCIFER, but longtime fans will also remember a SODOM cover on the very first demo that's long since unavailable.


So how long was the band together before you were on this 2006 split and who was the other band and whose idea was it to do and you did a Sodom cover? Why them and what made you pick that particular song?
: That was our first actual release. The other band ROT were some friends of mine that had a few rough demo songs and wanted to share a release with us. I think that SODOM song was chosen simply because of how easy it was to learn and play, haha. Probably the same reason that ROT chose the DRI song!


How was the response to the release? Looking back are you happy with it?
: The reception was just okay. I don't think many copies of it were made so no one could reasonably expect a massive reception, haha. And no, I'm not happy with it as it sounds like total shit! I fully encourage anyone reading this to NOT seek out our first demo!


Now in 2007 you released a demo. Was that to have something out or was it something you wanted to send to record labels?
: A little of both. We started doing shows in late 2007 so we needed something recent to give people to listen to. That was the first demo we released with a full band lineup and despite the rough sound it's still leagues better than the first demo.


In 2008 you released your first full length called “Warp Speed Warriors”. What made you decide to do a full length and this was self-released I assume. Did you try to get any labels to bite so to speak and put it out?
: "Warp Speed Warriors" was mostly done just so we could say that we had a full length album out. Despite the fact that there's a few songs from it that we still enjoy and play out to this day, most of it is NOT great. Mistakes were made by all involved parties. The CD version was self-released, but a DIY-style cassette label from Austria did a limited run of cassettes. Both versions are very hard to come by now.


How was it going into the studio and did the recording go as planned?
: Almost nothing regarding the recording of "Warp Speed Warriors" went according to plan, haha! Enough said; next question!


For those who don’t know, what would you say to them if asked to describe your music and when do you think you came to the Terra Caput Mundi sound came to be?
: The sound is primarily a mix of heavy metal and thrash, with bits and bursts of speed metal here and there. Playing in this kind of style came simply from the notion that I want to play stuff that I would want to listen to even if I were not in the band! If you're playing underground music and that's not the case, why bother?


Is the full length still for sale or is it long gone?
: "Warp Speed Warriors" is long gone! Check your local flea market or cutout bin, haha!


In 2010 you released “Alive in the Hive” demo. How was the response to this and was this done to send to record companies?
: This release was done as a stop-gap between "Warp Speed Warriors" and the next album "Lost In The Warp". It contains an entire live set consisting of songs from both albums and with a very raw and authentic sound. I don't think many labels got copies of this one; it was mostly done just to show off some new songs.


Now Sarah, your drummer is a female. Have you ever gotten any shit over that and if you did them to fuck off?
: I don't think anyone's had anything dumb to say about that to any of us (to our faces at least), but if they did they'd certainly get a huge fuck off from the three of us haha!
Sarah: Not that I can remember. But 99% of the time when I tell people I'm in a band, their response is "Oh do you sing?" And when I go into a music shop to buy drum equipment it's "Oh can I help you find something for your son?" It doesn't piss me off; they are just going by their experience. I get a good laugh out of it.


(Now this is for sarah). How long did you play drums for before joining the band? Do you think you are a good drummer? I have over the years seen some female drummers play barefoot have you ever or would you even try that live?
: I guess technically I'd been playing about 4 years before joining the band, but playing drums by yourself isn't very fun, so I didn't do it that often! I think I'm good enough for what I want to play. Practice makes perfect, and if I practiced more, I would be better. But I have a career and many, diverse interests that pull me in other directions. Funny you should ask that barefoot questions because I played in flip flops because I wanted to be able to feel the pedals the most. As my double bass playing picked up I switched to tennis shoes or sometimes tall flat boots, something to protect the tops of my feet from beater kickback.


How did you come up with the name and were any other names tossed around.
: I think Terra Caput Mundi was always going to be the name. It's a Warhammer 40000 reference implying that the future Earth is the center of a constant violent galaxy-scale struggle for survival...which I guess is pretty appropriate to say of just about any period in Earth's history, ha!


Now in 2013 you released, “Lost in the Warp”, which I like a lot. How did the making and recording of this record come about? How have the reviews been so far and how come some fuckin label has not signed you yet dammit?
: Yes, thank you for the kind words regarding "Lost In The Warp". The majority of the writing occurred in 2010 and 2011 with recording occurring in early 2012. Due to a wide variety of hassles the album was not released until May of 2013, and was issued by us on both CD and cassette format. To answer your last question, we've actually been picked up by Witches Brew from Germany, and they will be releasing "Lost In The Warp" on LP format in early 2014, and likely also the follow up album!


Please plug any websites and merchandise you have for sale.
: The most up to date information regarding us can be found at http://www.facebook.com/terracaputmundi. All merchandise we currently have available can be found at http://terracaputmundi.bandcamp.com, or check your local reputable metal dealer.


Any last words, horns up for the interview.
: Thanks much for the interview, and we'll see you in 2014 with the release of "Lost in the Warp" on LP! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates! Get lost!


June 2014

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