Country: Peru
Title: Antichrist Above
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Blackened Death Metal

Oh man, this sounds like the three putrid members went to the States, gathered some serious Morbid Angel and Angelcorpse brutality, then went to East Easia and Australia and got some chaos from Impiety and Bestial Warlust and got back to the South American continent to get some killer riffing capacity from Krisiun, and the result is Putrid's second full-length album released 4 years after their debut album and a decade since the band's foundation. 10 tracks in over half an hour of playing time bringing intense and unrelenting violence and debauchery from start to finish; actually there are a couple of passages where the music is not full-on devastation and slows down for a breath of (putrid) air, but the rest is absolutely vertiginous. The production is excellent for this type of music, you'll have no problem distinguishing what's happening in every area of the album even if it sounds totally organic and visceral, but at the same time there's nothing to annoy the listener, nothing too abrasive to prevent full enjoyment of this album, I really dig the production. The only problem with Putrid from my point of view is their lack of originality, their lack of something of their own, so that one can recognize the band by its music; if they'll fix this inconvenient fans of this genre will go nuts for their music, mark my words!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10