Country: Switzerland
Title: Chapter Zero
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2019
Style: Melodic Black Metal

Melodic Black Metal could be (and probably is) a wide labeling of this band's music on their latest album, Chapter Zero, but at least it's something to grab on to when starting to describe their work, that's why I chose it. Actually Swiss Frijgard's music is a combination of Melodic Black Metal with Black Death, Groove Metal, even hints of Heavy Metal here and there, all of this served on a very wide lyrical plateau ranging from paganism to science fiction themes; actually the whole album is quite wide in range, it doesn't follow any specific patterns and the band seems to be keen to break barriers and avoid templates, which is a good thing. They have actually succeeded in coming up with a curdled, unitary material despite it's various influences and that proves experience. The compositions are mostly catchy, diverse, and well-thought, and the thing they've lost the keyboards on this album compared to previous and successfully replaced them with guitars for the melody generator in their music (a melodic music overall) says a lot on their capability and drive. The only portion of their music I think they could have done better is the vocal section, where I would have preferred a bit more versatility, but this is coming from someone that loves as many types of vocals on an album as possible, but if you're into raspy, comprehensive, somehow Samael-like vocals, you're in for a treat. Very good album, well worth a check.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10