Country: Mexico
Title: War, Blasphemy & Divine Destruction
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Year: 2019
Style: Death Metal

After a glorious debut EP in 2018, one of Mexico's best Extreme Metal newcomers, Blasphemathory, managed to release their debut full-length album, an 8 tracks effort clocking more than 50 minutes of impressive Death Metal aggression. Mostly the music is fast and extremely brutal, lead by a vocal part that mixes low toned growls as main with ferocious screams as secondary, supportive vocals to a final result that is excellent to say the least, totally up to this band's name, full of anger and blasphemy. There's not much innovation in Blasphemathory's music, but their followers won't be looking for no innovation either; what the band delivers is some absolutely stunning, precise, terrifying classic Death Metal sounding tunes with a crystal clear sound, not over-polished. The inserts that act like intermezzos or better said as track intros or outros, within the tracks themselves, only add on top of the general dark and sinister atmosphere of this release. For a traditional Death Metal release that doesn't intend to innovate anything this is absolutely top-notch, one that once you start playing it makes you change your usual eyes stare into an angry stare without even noticing it, and probably one of the best releases on 2019, so if you missed it last year (like I did), go check it out at once! Released in luxurious digipak format with 8 pages booklet and a presentation postcard a la '90's US Death Metal scene, well worth your money!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10