Country: USA
Title: Sono lo scherno
Label: Inferna Profundus Records
Year: 2017 (re-release)
Style: Black Metal

Unfortunately here's a perfect example of how the band's name can up the value of any release; I'm pretty sure this one sells better than most of the underground newcomers out there, but the truth is it shouldn't. Apart from the raw, amateurish production and sometimes execution, too, there's not much to enjoy on composition level either, or that's what I think since I can barely hear the guitars (recording is even worse than the first Wiccan Rede, ex-Negura Bunget, demos), despite the drums being recorded live and sounding organic as they should (kudos for that). The vocals and the choirs/effects/movies cuts that support them are ok and in normal conditions would create some sinister, cinematic atmospheres, but on this release I constantly get the feeling I'm listening to a totally new and unprofessional band so I can't enjoy them at all. Sorry to slam this so hard, I know the name this band has in the scene, especially in the US one, but this release isn't what I look for in my Black Metal, not at all, sorry.
This is the band's fourth full-length album, recorded back in 1998 and originally released in 2005, now re-released on CD format by IPR.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10