Country: Holland
Title: On the Run
Label: Headbangers Records
Year: 2019
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal

It's a real spectacle following Headbangers Records and what new "oldies but goldies" they bring forth, and this time is no different: Maestro was a Groningen based band active in the end of the '80's and beginning of the '90's, that released only 2 demos before splitting up. In 2008 they came back to activity, but it wasn't more productive than before either, they only managed to record this 3 tracks demo in 2010 and release it in digital format only by themselves. Luckily Headbangers found this demo and here we have it on CD, with an additional track as bonus, actually an instrumental version of one of the 3 tracks, Force Field, which could be an excellent occasion for the band to interact with its fans and organize a competition for singer (just a thought...); actually I'm not even sure the band is still active or not. 
The music on these 3 tracks is excellent, a Melodic Hard'n'Heavy mixed with straight up Heavy Metal presenting us a great singer with fantastic tone that range from '70's like Melodic Rock typr to raspy, rough Heavy Metal macho, an excellent guitar work, varied and at the same time hitting all patterns of the abovementioned genres. The rhythm section is very good, too, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. The tracks are ranging from hit-material energetic (On The Run) to ballads (Goin' Back Home), to traditional Heavy Metal (Force Field) reminding of Iron Maiden.
Old-school Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans have 20 minutes to chew on curtesy of Maestro, a band that I'm sure would have reached the top if they'd have had more activity live and on recording level. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10