Country: Sweden
Title: Act No. 1
Label: STF Records
Year: 2018
Style: Heavy Thrash Metal

New band of three experienced Swede musicians (headed by drummer Richard "Raptor" from Wolf), Vatika was formed only last year and here we already have their debut album, 10 tracks clocking 41 minutes offering a mix of Heavy Thrash Metal highlighted by a tornado of good riffs, excellent leads and solos, a powerful, upfront rhythm ssection and a victorious, memorable vocal section that ranges from Thrash Metal like angry screams to amazing falsettos a la King Diamond. The rhythms range from mid-tempo to fast paced but they are well selected and blended together so that the audition becomes addictive after a first while. Maybe at times the production may sound thiner than it should, it is actually raw and cruel as this music requires, I find it absolutely spot on, even when certain hooks and elements may appear like they are from another movie, to me it all sounds original and hopefully this is how they were intended to be. All in all a fantastic debut album I could (and will) listen to again and again.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10