Country: Holland
Title: Evilla
Label: Headbangers Records
Year: 2018
Style: Heavy Speed Metal

Apparently Back Out is one of the oldest Heavy Metal band in Holland that's still active, they gathered back in 1971 (!) and are still up and running. This album (11 tracks) was initially released by Iceman Records in 1996 although its tracks were recorded back in 1985 and were unreleased until then. The bonus 4 tracks featured here are taken from compilations from around that time, too, so we get an accurate feel of how the band used to sound back in the days. And we're treated with a fun, energetic, powerful Heavy Speed Metal, a mix of early Judas Priest and Accept sonorities highlighted by catchy guitar riffs and an excellent vocalist right up Rob Halford's alley in tonality. I feel like the cover artwork (and the band's logo for that matter) doesn't do justice to what's happening on this album though, by looking at it you'll expect some Melodic Rock / AOR type of band, but Back Out are really something else; Back Out have their mellow moments (check out track 5, In Trouble for example, an attempt to deliver a ballad), but it's clear they are more comfortable in Heavy Metal "pants". Excellent material for nostalgics, very good sounding, catchy and entertaining, give it a try!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10