Country: Italy
Title: Open the Portal
Label: Black Tears
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

Winternius is made of veterans of the Italian Metal scene, more notable being the bass player, John KillerBob, known from his years in Necrodeath and Cadaveria, and this band seems to be a new beginning for them... hope this album is not a one off and that's it. Although the work at this project seems to have started in 2016, only 4 years later sees their discographic debut, this 9 tracks studio material clocking 50 minutes of playing time. From its flow and attention to details it's clear we're dealing with some seasoned musicians who took their time to build these tracks towards a concept, a story to present to the listeners. Although old-school, this is not the typical straight-forward fast paced material, it's actually quite varied in rhythms hitting all speeds between slow and fast, with a general impression that it could be pinpointed to the mid-tempo category as a whole. Multiple melodic passages, influences from other styles (Heavy, Thrash, Death, hell, I've even heard Rock'n'Roll touches), a laid-back attitude yet angry and expressive, and on top some interesting technical elements thrown in the pot, all these are making Open the Portal a very promising debut fit for fans of the genre (beginning of the '00's period) that look for something extra to the aggression and speed this genre is known for. Ah, and I shouldn't forget to mention my fave track, the one I consider the hit of this album, Dead and Evil, give it an audition.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10