Country: Austria
Title: Welcome to Infinity
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2019
Style: Modern Metal

Modern Metal is the fair categorization for what Beyond Infinity serve us on this debut album, although this Modern Metal thing is in use for almost 20 years now, and Melodic Death Metal (the core of Beyond Infinity's music) could already be considered an old style, which goes for Metalcore (a clear inspiration for the band) as well, but that only proves the genre is a bit stale these years, there's not much new around. Anyway, the Austrian quartet seems to have started as a Melodic Death Metal band and along the way "diluted" it with all sort of influences to an extent where what they are doing now couldn't actually fit the MeloDeath label, hence the Modern Metal pinpoint. The albums has both energy and melody, there's plenty of groove and even aggression, but there's still work to do on compositions, the band blends some pretty cool technical passages with others that are obsolete to say the least (mostly the mid-tempo ones), fortunately the first type predominate and the overall impression is a positive one. By all means, this album is a good one, but I feel the band has not even touched the surface of their potential with it, hopefully they'll follow-up with a new album that will take less time in the making and be more spontaneous; not sure if this album even represents what the band is nowadays.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10