Country: Hungary
Title: ...Where Still Darkness Dwells
Label: Fekete Terror Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

This band was active during 2003 and 2008, and ...Where Still Darkness Dwells is actually a compilation of their best tracks written and performed in those years, not really sure if the band is backin business or the compilation was just a nostalgic urge. Anyway, Vorkuta are Raw Black Metal to the bone and there's no point in searching for anything else in their music; the first tracks on this tape are as primitive and raw as one can imagine, quite monotonous I'd say, if you're not a fanatic of this genre just fast forward to the middle of the tape where things get a bit more complex, rhythms are more varied and there's actually a build-up of atmosphere with other means than just repetitive guitar riffs. And indeed the last tracks, 8 and 9 (track 10 is an outro, or to be fair it's an intro transformed here in an outro), are hands down the best on this tape, mixing both the cold, fiery, voracious feelings of their traditional Raw Black Metal with a more mystical, almost epic sounding Black Metal with memorable rhythms and hate-filled vocals. If you decide to get this tape (or CD for that matter, the CD version is out on Metal or Die Records) just give it a chance and listen to it in full, from start to finish, and you'll get into the atmosphere this band was able to produce and replicate back in the days; to be honest I was about to give up after a couple of tracks, but it started to grew on me and by the end I admit I've repeatedly played the last couple of tracks. So yes, a well-worthy compilation here!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10