How did the band get started?
The “origin story” of our band really isn’t all that novel, no radioactive spider bites or exposure to gamma rays, just two dudes who found each other from an online musician’s forum who then started a band. Dave Wirschansky (drums) and myself Bozz (guitars), started exploring different sounds and metallic styles when eventually a sound and style we hit started to take shape. We then brought in my friend Dean Rispler (bass) who I had known for several years through the NYC music scene, and who I had always wanted to play music with.

Will you be so kind too described the concept of your album?
The concept and title of the album, Liminal Light pertains to the space “in between,” the space between life and death, between consciousness and the unconscious, it’s an idea pertaining to unexplored inner worlds that are accessible to us but hidden.

The last album has an interesting cover, what is the meaning of it?
The artwork for Liminal Light was created by one of my favorite artists, Aleksandra Waliszewska. She let us use her art for the cover and another piece for the inside of the album. Regarding the cover, I’m not really sure what the artist intended it to mean but I think it’s really wild and kind of creepy that we picked the art prior to the pandemic and then the album came out after the global outbreak. The woman appears to be “diseased” and distraught and yet something about her beauty and strength still shines through. If your readers like trippy and/or dark art, I encourage them to check out her work.

Also, what can u tell us about the meaning of lyrics?
The lyrics are predominantly relating to the possibility of man/woman’s inner evolution i.e. exploring our inner world. Many of the songs, similar to myth and ancient parables, have two meanings: one meaning can be taken as ideas pertaining to our normal reality such as ideas and truths examined through psychological and socio-political lens, but then many of the songs also have a double meaning where these “truths” are looked at through a lens related to higher states of consciousness. 

Will you be so kind to tell us something about every song?
Drown in Drone explores the paradox of finding your truth, finding your truest self by letting go of the “ideas” about who you think you are and what you think reality actually is.
Moirai is about facing your fate—finding the inner strength to live your life in line with your potential. Overcoming the conditioning and programming that has limited you. Moirai are the 3 fates from the Greek myth.
Hidden Light explores the ideas of how there are inner worlds unexplored and how there have been teachers and schools who for centuries have kept these teachings safe and protected (hidden), but yet available for those who are seeking to find the truth, ie seeking their higher Self/God.

How was it for you the all Covid-19 situation? It’s been difficult. 
New York City and the surrounding burroughs such as Brooklyn where we all live and practice we’re really hit hard by the pandemic. We did not practice for many months and didn’t see each other. I actually got COVID early on but luckily I didn’t get that sick but I had a low grade fever that lingered for over 7 weeks!

Where we can find your creations?
Our album is available via Transylvanian Recordings and through all digital services such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp etc. We hope to soon have the album available as a vinyl release as well.

The last words belong to you?
We appreciate people listening to our music and we hope they find our sound to be something different. We pride ourselves on having created a style that is uniquely our own. We are a metal band through and through but the sonic journey we take the listener on, we feel is a bit of a different ride, trippy, dark, and ominous yet rockin’ and headbanging!  Check it out!
Thanks for your support!

Interview by Ionut Dimitriev
Answers by Bozz

May 2021