Country: Denmark
Title: Its Wild Beauty
Label: Floodgate Moods Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Dark Ambient Dungeon Synth

Not actually a new album from Picture Ann, but a collection of 2 EPs released in 2017, Katarsis and Imperial both remastered in 2018. I've covered Picture Ann here before and I remember I liked the music J.N. (we're dealing here with a one man project) offered. It's the same here, Picture Ann builds its soundscapes on a layer of Dungeon Synth in the background, topped with soothing Rock, Blues and Psychedelic influenced guitars and a steady and heavily important bass line that acts like a backbone for the whole, it's experimental at first "sight" but you'll slowly be inducted into a story like atmosphere and realize nothing is (or at least seems) incidental here; at first it sounds like it's building up for something, but then you realize it's just a hypnotic dance that leads you to relax. A good way to break out from the ordinary life troubles and just sit back and enjoy serene thoughts.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10