Please tell us a few words about the new release, about the music on it as a whole or a few words on each track in part. How are you happy with the final release?
Transcendence its our first full length, the album was released on 7/19/2014, twelve tracks for fans of technical, progressive and melodic death metal. The entire piece was conceived as a conceptual journey through mind and space and its divided on four big chapters.
In this album you can find very fast and technical songs like Antimatter Collector, Introspective Hypernova or The Quantum of Light and also Melodic ones like Voyager, Mindless Sea and Baryogenesis. There's three instrumental tracks, Individual Collapsar, very prog and full of melodic passages and complex riffs, Cosmic Landscape, kind of electronic and space theme oriented and Transcendence, very epic, symphonic full of big arrangements. The vocals are very special on this album and are divided on three groups the first one are growls, high ones and lows, the second are clean and melodic vocals and the third are vocoder and robotic ones.

How would you describe/label the music on it? Does it sounds like anything we might have heard before?
Its a mixture between technical death metal, progressive metal and melodic death metal with electronic synths, symphonic arrangements, extreme vocals, clean vocals and a very diverse songwriting approach.

Where was it recorded and how much time did it take you to record it? Any interesting stories from the recording/producing the material?
Transcendence was completed self-produced/released and took us 3 months to make it. Nicolás Martínez one of our guitar players (8 strings guitars) was in charge of the recordings, mixing and mastering process on his home studio.

What can you tell us about the cover artwork? Is there a link between the artwork and the lyrics? What are the topics of your lyrics?
The artwork was made by Matías Quiroz (7 strings guitars, answering this questions). The main theme of the artwork its the link between this journey divided on four spheres, space and mind, all the symbols represent this ideas in a geometric way. The front figure of the artwork its the combination of this four states and shows the final state... TRANSCENDENCE.
Te lyrics are special at its own, the main themes are sci-fi, astrophysics, psychology combined in a way that shows a tangible story.

What do you expect to gain through this release? What are the band's aims at the moment?
The main thing we are expecting now its to get more and more recognition around the world, get more people into our music and try to play live as much as we can.

Is there a special format the material is released in? Or is it released in multiple formats? How many copies were pressed?
We have a digital release (MP3, FLAC and more) and a Full color sealed limited Digipack edition with a Golden band's logo metal finished on it, just 100 copies.
Check the copies here:

Where and how will you promote this new release?
Playing live and through social media, reviews, airplay on radios, lyric videos, playthrough videos, etc.
Transcendence Official Teaser:
The Quantum of Light Playthrough Video:
Voyager Lyric video:

Where can we order it from?
Physical copies + Digital release:
Digital release:

September 2014