Country: France
Title: Fugue
Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

Here's the fourth studio album from this french Black Metallers, a 7 tracks effort released on an impressively looking Digibook CD with similarly impressive artwork, or at least the cover artwork is both complex and simple/memorable, not sure how else to put it. The music offered by Moonreich is a modern breed of Black Metal, with plenty of dreamy, atmospheric instrumental passages to clam things down after some dense, vicious, fast paced and fierce Black Metal parts. We're treated with long compositions, all in all the 7 tracks spread over more than 50 minutes of playing time, none of them clocking less that 5 minutes in length. The fast paced parts are fronted by tremendous, carefully calculated drumming, where the sharp riffs are mostly pure Black Metal influenced, but there's also some groove thrown in here and there. The mid-tempo tracks have a more melodic side to them, especially given by the guitar leads and solos, and add a somehow accessible side to the album, one that will be enjoyed not necessarily only by the fans of the genre or the band, but will appeal to other categories of listeners as well. No need to talk about the production, nowadays, especially at this higher level of the underground, all albums sound amazing, and this is no exception from the rule. As I was saying, packing this album in a Digibook was a good idea and I'm sure this will add heaviness to the product itself. I'm curious where this album will take Moonreich, from my point of view, they're ready for mass attention.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10