Country: Finland
Title: Arcane Remorseless
Label: Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion
Year: 2019
Style: Heavy Black Metal

Well, whoever had the bright idea of promoting this as Speed Black Metal (I've read this in the official release statement) didn't certainly listen to this album but probably something Black Rock released earlier. This album has absolutely nothing to do with Speed Metal, it is actually doomy slow to mid-tempo with some occasional Punkish / D-Beat fast parts, but that's about it, far away from Speed. Made of only a guitar, drums and vocals, this third Black Rock studio album is as rawe and primitive sounding as it gets, to me it sounds like a combination of Hellhammer, Venom, Motorhead and Max Cavalera's Point Blank at times on vocals. Unfortunately it is far away from my taste as I don't like at all those weird sounding upfront drums, the fuzzy and simple guitar riffs, the vocals that sound both forced and monotone, and the compositions that seriously lack in variation so basically except for a few rhythms this whole album didn;t appeal to me at all. If you're into primitive '80's like Metal, try it out, you might find it better then I did. It is, indeed, something different than what we're used to nowadays, that's why you better give them a chance.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 4/10