Country: Israel
Title: On the Ride
Label: Another Side Records
Year: 2021
Style: Grunge Rock

Oh man, I have no idea why Metal Scrap Records (parent label for Another Side Records) sent this over for a review and we have nothing to do with this genre, so it cannot get a competent review here, sorry. Shadow Rebels are hailing from Israel and were founded back in 2004. After a debut album from 2015 that was a bit heavier, a bit more on the Hard Rock, Progressive Metal side, this new album explores more Grunge and more Funk Rock I'd say, a music that could easily be played at any Caffee Bar as an evening program. I like the bass / drums relation, there's where the most groove, the most Funk comes from and it's pretty entertaining, but overall I can't say I'd play this again. If you think a fusion of Grunge, Prog Rock, Funk Rock, Jazz Rock, and Alternative would float your boat, give this Israeli quartet an hour (well, a bit more) of your time, you might enjoy it. Released as simple 4 panel digipak CD without a booklet with lyrics, but they are easy to follow as the music plays, it's not like we're dealing with Death Metal here.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10