Country: Poland
Title: RS-28
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Black Death Metal

Founded in 2018 by members with serious experience on the Polish Metal battlefields (for example the vocalist is the former screamer of Death Metal veterans Mortis Dei) Sarmat released this material, their debut full-length, by themselves, in a trio formula helped in studio by a session drummer, but in the meantime it seems they have completed their line-up and they are now a quintet. Regarding this album, it is made of 8 tracks clocking a bit over half an hour of Black Death Metal music, exactly what the Polish are expert in. After playing it for a few times already I'm surprised this is not released by a label, of how the band apparently flew under the radar and decided to do it by themselves, but I wouldn't be surprised if this will be picked up and re-released in other formats by some labels in the future though. Of course Behemoth, Hate or Vader will pop to mind when playing it, and maybe here's the chapter where the band suffers the most, but this being their debut it is ok nonetheless. What's more important here is to understand their potential and get to know their abilities, and fortunately the band has no lack of either. Blending pounding fast paced with mid-tempo oppressive rhythms, and offering a serious dose of heavy riffing and semi-melodic guitar leads, all fronted by a powerful comprehensive growling vocal, RS-28 can be considered a good debut, really fit for abovementioned bands' fans. I have also enjoyed the crystal-clear production, tight and precise but avoiding over-polishing, quite perfect for this type of music.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10