Country: Russia
Title: Cosmos
Label: Symbol of Domination / Final Gate Records
Year: 2017
Style: Depressive Black Metal

The fourth studio album from Tomsk based duo Taiga, Cosmos offers 9 sad songs in almost 50 minutes of playing time. The compositional part of this album, its structures and sequences are absolutely breath-taking, they make you really feel the anguish they try to transmit, but this is mainly due to an exquisite guitar work displaying so much potential and to the subtle but mesmerizing keyboard work, and such an expressive force you won't believe it, but the problems come from the rhythm and vocal departments: the drum-machine sounds totally synthetic and annoying to tears, too upfront, too mood-killing even if it displays quite some complex patterns. The main vocals are totally laughable, they sound like an old lady is screaming at you for making noise by playing football in front of her window, exactly like that... And that is the opposite of what these guys I guess tried to express, at least for me these vocals ruined the album completely, too bad as on the first track there are also some clean vocals that promise a lot... Change the vocals, change the drum-program and you'll get yourselves a fantastic band!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 4/10