Country: Serbia
Title: Kosturnice
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

After a weird decision to release their 2017 album Teatar apsurda on (probably) their own label, Mizantropeon Records, Serbian legendary Black Metal torchbearers The Stone decided to sign with Belgian Immortal Frost Productions and in my opinion that's already a step forward as the new album Kosturnice is out on CD, Digipak and 12" vinyl, something a band of this calibre definitely needs. Kosturnice is their 9th full-length to date, or 10th if we include the one released under the Stone to Flesh moniker, and album that marks the official addition to the line-up of veteran drummer Honza Kapak, who also took care of mixing, mastering and producing it. Demonetras took care of rhythm guitars on the album, but soon after the recording sessions he left the band and as far as I know The Stone is a quartet at the moment. The new material basically fits in the same category the band used its followers so far, a fast-paced, hateful, traditional Black Metal, yet at the same time it increases in intensity, technical level and atmosphere compared to their previous couple of releases which makes it by far the band's best material. I was expecting nothing less than mastery on drums and that was delivered in full, but the vocals are maybe more evil than ever, and as to the guitar part, that is so diverse and so well balanced between melody and brutality that it's impossible not to impress the listener. The production is absolutely top-notch here, Honza Kapak proves to be a true professor in this field as well, such a talented dude, I'm a fan since his early days with Avenger (I bet you can't tell, haha).
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10