Band: PORN
Country: France
Title: The Darkest of Human Desires
Label: Les Disques Rubicon
Year: 2018
Style: Industrial Gothic Metal

French Porn (what a bold, daring band name, and Google would definitely agree with me on this one) are back after just one year since the release of their debut album, with the second part of their trilogy based on a fictive character named Mr. Strangler. Yes, you guessed it right, their lyrics are about a murderer and his life, he actually tries to set up his own cult inviting the listener to join it, to express his/her darkest desires, pretty cool for an album (or multiple in this case) concept, kudos for that. The music is again a mix of Industrial Rock and Gothic Metal, just imagine a blend between NIN, Marlyn Manson, The Ministry, Type o Negative and a hint of Paradise Lost or (newer) Tiamat, too, a sound that's more melancholic than dark, very melodic compositions, with the industrial touch enhancing the overall mysterious atmosphere of their music. I also like the occasional cuts from what I guess are murderers confessions, spot on for the album concept. Overall the album is quite light and accessible, but it has its furious passages, too, so this may appeal to a wider audience, it's a diverse offering that's far from boring.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10