Country: Belgium
Title: For You Men Who Gaze into the Sun
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

Ok, now we all know labels are usually marketing their releases with "the highly anticipated" or similar, but in this case here it's actually true. After releasing a debut EP in 2017 on the same label, EP that was gloriously received by media and public, Belgian quartet Antzaat are now attacking the scene with a debut album that's made of 8 new tracks plus an intro clocking 45 minutes of intense, dense, fast-paced yet melodic Black Metal. Antzaat's highlights are the ice-cold shrieking vocals that although not very versatile, sound natural to the music they make, then the very clever melodic guitar riffs that totally stand out, the intensity of the rhythm section where the bass is also very present, very upfront and metallic sounding, and ending with some melodic leads that are just perfect to make the tracks memorable. Then also worthwhile mentioning is the overall monolithic impression of the album, it sounds curdled and perfectly natural, it flows so well that the impression that it leaves after the audition is nothing short of a triumph of Melodic Black Metal a la 90's but with some riffs and techniques that will bring to mind the current Black Metal scene lead by Mgla and the likes. And like premeditated, the album ends with the two best tracks in my books offering such a high tension that it makes you replay the album without even thinking about it. Brutal, melodic, cold, precise, atmospheric, all a perfect Black Metal album needs right on this album, so do yourselves a favor and give it a try!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10