Country: Spain
Title: The Earth is Silent
Label: Art of Propaganda
Year: 2019
Style: Doom Death Metal

Once in a while you discover a new release that perfectly blends with your taste, and in this case Sun Of The Dying touched my preferences in the right way; almost never I repeat a sole track on an album, I repeat the whole album, but not a single track, but here I did it with the fantastic My Dying Bride-esque Orion. 
The Earth is Silent is the band's second studio opus, a 45 minutes long effort offering 7 new tracks into Doom Death Metal with keys, piano, choirs and violins that enhance that oppressive yet melodic atmosphere. At first I thought it sounds a bit dry, a bit less epic and expansive than it should, not reaching its potential, especially since a few hooks are used with apparent shyness, somehow buried in the background, but at a second audition I thought this is probably how they wanted it to be, for the listener to use his/her imagination, too; maybe that's me overthinking it, but I hope that was the case here, the band wanted to have its music looked for by the listener, and not offered for granted. It's clear the UK Doom Death scene is a serious influence on SotD's music, but that doesn't mean we have a fade material here, on the contrary, it has so many fantastic elements to discover (like the occasional arabic/oriental harmonies, some absolutely serene passages in perfect contract with the demonic low growls that reminded me of the Theatre of Tragedy duality although here it's more than on vocal level, and the occasional jazz-influenced passages). The vocal section, like the instrumental one, is very complex and versatile ranging from clean and melodic to deep growls and even screams in the background, not to forget the occasional choirs that add a lot of flavor to the whole. A exceptional album, one of the best of its kind I've listened to lately.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10