Country: Russia
Title: Never Pretend
Label: Another Side Records
Year: 2018
Style: Gothic Doom Metal

Second full-length album from this Russian band, Never Pretend features 9 tracks in almost 70 minutes of playing time, quite a long and demanding experience I might say. Actually this is indeed demanding and veried passing through a ton of different emotions and atmospheres offering a bit for every typs of listener of these genres. Basically LTF are playing a '90's type Gothic Doom Metal with occasional Black Metal influences on vocals (raspy shrieks that is) and a hint on instruments too here and there; it's that type of ingenuous, wholeharted, passionate composition that mixes fantastic, extremely well done passages with some other that are either numb, either totally unsuccessful resulting in a puzzling impact on the listener. Imagine Funeral Doom mixed with Gothic Doom and Gothic Black, complete with male and female vocals, whispers, shrieks, choirs, long, melodic guitar leads and excellent guitar solos, melancholic keyboards, violins, and basically every pattern you might think of from such a mix of genres. The major problem from my point of view is that on some of the tracks they don't let the tracks flow, there are so many rhythm breaks and changes that it becomes annoyingh at times, if they manage to let their compositions flow naturally I can see this band reaching serious heights, this album only managed to convince me they have tremendous potential and frustrate me for not being as good in full as some of its parts are; anyway, all in all I'd say the positive features are more than the negatives on this album, so go right ahead and give it a try, you might discover something right on your alley.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10