Country: Germany
Title: Streitmacht
Label: Trollzorn
Year: 2017
Style: Viking Metal

The 8th full-length album from Germany's Obscurity marks the band's 2 decades of activity milestone and despite some who might consider it an old, outdated outfit, the quintet sounds fresher than ever. The 10 tracks featured here continue the band's saga in blending Viking / Pagan Metal with Melodic Death Metal, all with German lyrics flavor and sharpness given by the asperity this language has especially in Black Metal kind of shrieks. Obscurity combines those types of shrieks with Death Metal kind of commanding vocals, almost growls I'd say, and the outcome is pretty good, especially on top of their catchy and melodic compositions. The guitars offer a wide variety of riffs and leads, but as I said the general impression is of a catchy, memorable material, and guitars have the major role in this result. The drums and bass lines are perfectly executed and produced, balancing between parts where they are acting as leads only, appearing as subtle influences to the listener, and parte where they stand out and do their own spotlight moments and that's fair for everyone in the band, I'm pretty sure all of them are happy with the final result. All in all I'd have to say this is another good, solid effort from Obscurity, a band that remains on the forefront of this genre in Europe.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10