Country: Italy
Title: The Call of the Noose
Label: Vacula Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Depressive Black Metal

Debut album from this Italian duo, The Call of the Noose features 7 long tracks for a total of an hour of playing time and offers what the band and label call Depressive Black Metal. I'm not saying it's good, nor bad, but you should be warned that this has very little to do with Black Metal, or even with Metal, the guitars are more Punk Rock than anything else, melodic and melancholic sounding but still Punk Rock, Metal is not present at all inhere. Beside the melancholic atmosphere and a short outburst of guitar tremolo riffing, the only thing that could actually be linked with Depressive Black Metal would be the shrieking vocals, but that's about it. Now getting to the actual compositions I'd say they are pretty good, simple in structure and predominantly based on mid-tempo rhythms, without too much to stand out from a technical point of view, but catchy and memorable, and what I consider the best feature of Griverion's music, really expressive, I mean they do transmit what the duo planned to transmit, one can actually feel the sadness and grief, so from this point of view we're dealing here with a good material, accessible to younger listeners who are just discovering this style, and actually I think Griverion would be a good choice for their initiation. If you think you're open-minded about your Depressive Black Metal direction you should give this band a try, it's not quite what you'd expect but I believe you'll appreciate it. I'd still change the genre label for this band though...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10