Country: Russia
Title: Blood Color Sky
Label: Wings of Destruction / GrimmDistribution
Year: 2020
Style: Thrash Black Metal

Debut album from this Russian quartet featuring on vocals Tiran from the band with the same name, also owner of Wings of Destruction label, who unfortunately steals all the show on this album meaning his vocals are so out there, so all over the place that you rarely find yourself giving more attention to the instrumental part, and when I talk about his vocals I mean screams and shrieks all over, plus occasional Folk-inspired clean vocals. The band essentially plays fast paced Thrash Metal with some Black Metal influences but not enough to jump the bridge, so maybe Blackened Thrash Metal would be the right term for what they do here. The first two tracks are so abrasive and blunt that one can have a hard time digging the album past them, but from then on there's plenty of variety and the album reveals much more angles to the band's music, there are even some melodic leads spicing things up. Both the instrumental part and the vocals are good, but together they don't seem to mix well, or at least for my taste I think they don't belong together, Tiran's very sharp tone would go well with a more high-pitched and maybe even a faster music. The instrumental part here is, as previously said, quite varied but keeping an overall old-school Thrash Metal backbone, with occasional melodic inserts that give a nice feel to the whole, but again, the vocals don't let the instruments "breathe", reach the listener as they should. Maybe this is just my impression so best would be to check it out yourselves, obviously. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10