Country: Austria
Title: Ghost Flowers
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2017
Style: Melodic Death Metal

Here's the power of a label deal: people like me get to hear of bands that otherwise are truly and absolutely hidden, and the proof is this Austrian band with a curious name to say the least, that's already at its third studio album, but of whom I hear for the first time just now. they've been working on their own or with obscure labels so far and although this year it's the 10th anniversary, this third album and the deal they got with Art Gates will probably mark their well-deserved "release". Ghost Flowers is a 10 tracks work clocking 50 minutes of modern and melodic Metal having as distant (nota bene: distant!) relatives the Gothemburg Melodic Death Metal scene on one side and the European Melodic Power Metal on the other, and looking at it as a whole you'll also find plenty of Metalcore inspired elements all over which gives the whole a somehow young feeling, a modern approach, actually most of the times the material is closer to Metalcore than Melodic Death Metal... Any way you'd like to call it, Vinegar Hill's new album is a fresh, modern, entertaining piece of Metal that will appeal to both older and younger type of fans, I can see this band go far with this material and with the push of their new label, now it's time to back it up with an intense live activity, of course.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10