Country: UK
Title: To Further Dreams of Failure
Label: Inferna Profundus Records
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

One man band from Derby, England, with a very obscure (so far) profile, Abduction released a debut demo in the end of 2016 on cassette tape limited to only 20 copies, and somehow got the interest of Inferna Profundus Records resulting this first full-length album out in April. 5 tracks clocking half an hour of playing time, balancing between furious, intense, fast parts and slow, mysterious, atmospheric passages. The production is good enough to allow all instruments to be distinguishable, but at the same time to sound massive and oppressive, enhancing the occult atmospheres inhere, and I especially like the upfront bass line sound and the subtle but extremely dense keyboard backgrounds that has a more important role within the whole than it gives the impression at first. The vocals are just desperate screams and disgusted vomited sounds all over, I'm sure there are some lyrics behind all this but it's impossible to get a glimpse of what the guy is saying, so after all it's clear the most important aspect in Abduction's music is the overall atmosphere. Not groundbreaking, but pummeling, dissonant and creepy as hell.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10