Country: Finland
Title: Monumentti
Label: Deviant Records
Year: 2018
Style: Atmospheric Post Black Metal

Well, for once I think the album cover, although not designed by the band or for the band (it is an actual painting by German painter Franz von Stuck, Sisyphos), fits perfectly with the music delivered on this debut album by Kuilu. The band waited 8 years since their foundation to have their first album released to the World, but in the meantime they've still tested the reactions through some demo releases. Kuilu's music is presented by the band as Melancholic Black Metal, but I'd say it's a Post Black Metal heavily influenced by Stoner and Sludge, all under an oppressive atmosphere and with a progressive / avantgardish attitude. We're dealing here with only 4 tracks, but the overall duration is 45 minutes; the abrasive and experimental attitude of the band, alongside the desperate, visceral screams of the band's vocalist are making this record a hard to digest one although there are plenty of instrumental passages where you'll be silenced to a melancholic, meditative mood. An album that deserves and actually demands to be carefully listened to and disected before a final judgement is made, I doubt it will leave anyone mouth open after only a couple of minutes of sampling, but if you'll give it a chance and spin it a few times it will grow on you no doubts. My only problem with it is that it has nothing memorable, to stick to my mind after the audition, but nonetheless this is a good, technical, imaginative effort!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10