Raw Black Metal isn’t dead and Blood Chalice are proof of it. The Finnish outfit are playing rude, pure and uncompromised music and venting their disgust and hatred through it. Their latest release “Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction” came out in 2017 but, since then, the band has kept the flame alive by constantly playing live whilst preparing some new material and Pest Webzine tried to find out more about it. 

Why did you feel the need to create Blood Chalice? Were you in other bands before?
I (P.H) and VP.L had a band called Retaliatory Measures. After playing together for while we had an idea that we should have a jamming session. Retaliatory Measures wasn’t enough for us. Something was missing. We didn’t have any plans about the genre. We just started to play and a song called “Desecration of INRI” was born during the first rehearsals. 

Why have you chosen the name Blood Chalice?
Blood symbolizes the sacrifice of life… liquid you are willing to give to praise to hate and inner darkness. Blood is essential and a sacred force of life. Only blood is valuable enough.

 I read that one of the band members said that “Black metal is my way to release my disgust and hatred on this stupid world because I think black metal is the only pure and sincere thing there is.” Is this statement still real? 
That statement is stronger than ever before. There is the vast ocean of hatred in us and it wants to come out. We are just vessels.

What’s the best definition to describe Blood Chalice’s sound?
It is rude, pure and uncompromised. There’s nothing beautiful nor forgiving.

What are your musical influences?
We honour bands from the Canadian war metal scene. They beckon us the way. We are also proud to be part of the Finnish black metal scene. There are too few black metal bands that have the true spark of black metal in their hearts.

“Demo 2016” was released on the 8th July 2016, via Signal Rex, and includes 5 tracks in 10:57 minutes and is a refreshingly take on black metal. How did you feel when you released your first material?
This demo was meant for those who feel the black core of hate inside them. We proudly witness that those will find and have found our music.

On the 6th November 2017, you released “Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction” via Helter Skelter. How was it received by the fans?
We don’t do this by thinking what other peoples might say. It is a good thing that it got positive reactions but after all it doesn’t matter. This is egocentric path to the darkness.

The album is 27:54 minutes long and includes 12 tracks… what inspired you?
Like I mentioned earlier we are just vessels of the great black hate and it expresses itself through us.

You have released 17 tracks in the demo and album, all of them, except 3, are two minutes and something long… is this some kind of superstition?
All of the song are bursts of violence and they are exactly long as they need to be. Nothing superstitious, just the nature of hate. We are driven by primal forces. No need to focus on insignificant topics like song lengths.

Your “Demo 2016” was a great success among fans of the genre… did it turn out exactly the way you wanted? Would you change anything about it if you could rerecord it now?
We manage to record the demo just as raw and filthy as it sounds in rehearsal place. It is us at our purest. I see no point in re-recordings. No reason to alter the past.

Is the band currently working on new material? When can fans expect it?
New songs are currently creating themselves. Can’t say when but it will come. I promise it will go deeper into the chaotic violence. Never stop the madness.

In 2019 the band played in North America, Asia… how was the experience?
Response was good and thanks for these tours our respect for both scenes is even bigger than it used to be. I’m pleased that there are satanic sick fucks all over the world.

How do audiences react to your live offerings? 
They are the congregation. They know what it will be when they come to listen us.

Blood Chalice was formed 5 years ago and you’ve already played abroad… which is not so common for some bands… where do you see Blood Chalice in 10 years?
Hate changes its form and we can’t predict how it will guide us. It is all part of the order in chaos.

How’s the state of Finnish Black Metal? At its best?
Most bands in the Finnish black metal scene are useless but few of them are truly high priests of darkness. Old bands like Archgoat and Beherit. We are proud to walk on the path they have created. Third wave bands like Malum and Witchcraft have also found the true devotion of devil worship.

Do you think the underground scene is more intense or weaker these days?
In the overall picture it is getting weaker but force isn’t all gone. In Finland acts like Metallihelvetti is doing really good promotions and some new bands are keeping the scene alive. But there is a shitload of bands who don’t need to exist.

These days people have unlimited access to music and everything spreads faster than light… is this good or bad for music? 
That is one reason why there is so much weak music. Music has lost its spirit. Finding music that matters doesn’t need to be easy. Luckily that doesn’t affect the 1% of the music which makes a difference.

What’s the best part of being a member in Blood Chalice? And the worst?

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Interview by Sónia Fonseca

January 2020

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