Country: Lithuania
Title: Born in the Grave
Label: Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion
Year: 2019
Style: Black'n'Roll

With a name like that it's quite clear you shouldn't expect some avantgarde stuff from this band, and indeed Regressive are blending Speed Metal, Thrash Metal and Black Metal resulting a dirty, party-perfect, booze-friendly, adrenaline-infused debut album that gets released after more than a decade since the band was formed. Maybe the wait was worth it and hopefully they are just getting started and this is not like a swan-song for the band, but getting to it, Born in the Grave features 9 fast and heavy songs clocking less than 35 minutes of playing time, highlighted by an energetic, groovy, upfront and organic sounding rhythm section, a storm of catchy but at times obsolete guitar riffs, supported by a very cool lead and solo guitar section that in my opinion is the main feature of Regressive's music, and last but not least a rabid vocalist that manages to sum up a fine representation of the best of Venom, Celtic Frost or Hellhammer: total assault on all senses. Contrary to the expectations, although the production is organic and adequate for this music genre, it's also crystal-clean sounding, top-notch production I'd say. All in all this is a top album if you're into the above mentioned bands.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10