Hell-o! At the beginning please say some words about Sphere to the Pest Webzine’s metal fans...
Hell-o! Sphere was founded in Warsaw in 2002. We had some changes in our crew and since 2005 Sphere are: Cthulu and Lucas – guitars, Burning on bass, Analripper – vocal and me, drummer. In 2004 we recorded  our first demo „Spiritual Dope”. And then our debut album was released in 2006 and called „Damned Souls Rituals”. Now we have just finished our second album „Homo Hereticus” and we are looking for a producer at the moment.

I would like to ask about „Homo Hereticus". Is this a concept album or a collection of free tracks? Tell us something about lyrics.
This material is ready and we are waiting for a producer. This is not typical concept album but „Homo Hereticus” is not a collection of independent, different songs as well. All of our pieces are somehow connected but they aren’t a unified concept. "The One Stone" wasn’t our idea... Lyrics present our point of view on Christianity and a lot of these false dogmats, which destroy human’s life. Summing it up: our lyrics are anti-christian.

Tell me how you worked on this material, where you found inspirations?
We had been working during one year. Some time after all our gigs promoting „Damnes Souls Rituals”, we closed in our rehearsal room and we started to work with new tracks for „Homo Hereticus”. When we composed some good enough pieces, we came to ZED Studio and recorded 12 tracks. We tried to choose tracks, which would be good to play at the concerts, just some killer ones! We are inspired by contemporary life, which surrounds us. These are themes for many longplays, heh. If you ask us about our musical fascinations – always and forever Vital Remains! I've been listening to this band from the beginning and I can’t help from listening to it! This is killer kicking ass !!! 

What about work in ZED Studio?
Very good! Both "Homo Hereticus” and "Damned Souls Rituals” were recorded there. We like to cooperate with Tomek. ZED is a small and kind studio, we felt there just fine. Peace, silence, we could concentrate 100% on recording our tracks. We always feel confident when Tomek stands behind the decks. He is a great professional and man with fantastic hearing, that is why we are always happy to come back there. 

Have you ever played tracks from the newest album? And I ask too – what about your future concert plans and plans connected with this album?
We have played two tracks from our new album, although these tracks were in different version. I’m sure that it will be better with new arrangement, it will be more brutal. The most important is that one will have something in their mind after listening to our tracks.

What are you private musical fascination, are they just only pure death metal or something else? Does your music fascination create Sphere’s music? 
All of us listen to different music. Metal is the main one of course, but from time to time we  listen to electronic music, progressive rock and something like this. From time to time it influences our music too. I prefer death metal, I haven’t got time to listen to other kinds of metal genres. I’m interested in two or three blackmetal bands however I usually listen to death metal. We try to have our unique sound and we have been still working on it. 

What does it mean „Sphere” for you?
Well... choice of name was spontaneous. Recently I thought about our name, this is too light name for death metal band, isn’t it? But on the other hand I thought, that this name is the best one that we could choose. We can attack with double power and be more surprising. Sphere is just death metal band, anti-christian and fighting against religious’ tabu. Christianity is a mad, false and ill thing, which could be destroyed e.g. from the stage. 

We are living in an Internet era, so where listeners can find Sphere in The Net?
Of course we exist in internet too. Welcome to our website’s profile on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, it will be ready ASAP. There is all info about us, our gigs and sth like this.

Ok. Just some words for Romanian and world metal maniacs from Polish deathmetal maniacs.
You are invited to listen to and buy our new album „Homo Hereticus” when it will be released! You are invited to get to know our debut album from 2007. Now you can hear our promo track on our internet profiles with a trailer of all „Homo Hereticus” tracks! Greetings for all metal maniacs in Romania and other !!! See you at the gigs, I hope !!!

Line up:

Th0rn - Drums, Percussion (Conquest Icon)
Lukas - Guitar (Pyorrhoea, ex-Hate)
Burning - Bass 
Cthulhu - Guitar
Analripper - Throat (Revelation of Doom, ex-Pyorrhoea)

Band contact:


Answers by Th0rn
Interviewed by Vilcin

May 2011

Email: contact@pestwebzine.com