Country: Germany
Title: Dead Stories of Forsaken Lovers
Label: Echozone
Year: 2019
Style: Dark Rock

Dark Rock or Love Metal I think are two terms referring to the same music (correct me if I'm wrong), one that leads your thoughts to HIM or The 69 Eyes, and why not, Vlad In Tears, a band that keeps pounding this territory for the past 13 years relentlessly I'd say. A band that works hard and keeps true to their story, or at least that's what a profane in this genre like me sees it from the outside. This is already their eight full-length album, one that offers in it's physical version (digipak) 11 new tracks plus 6 other that are acoustic versions of other songs, one of them being a cover of Alice in Chains' Man in the Box, quite a rich offer for their fans. Unfortunately I don't see this genre getting the recognition it deserves nowadays, it all went burnt after the success HIM had 2 decades ago, or at least that's how it looks like from a profane's point of view. The band delivers a professional, melancholic, emotional, dark and intense record that sounds honest enough to convince the listener, to an extent I'd say the band would deserve to be in the spotlights on mainstream TV or Radios. All tracks are catchy, involving, expressive, and although they sound curdled, they present the multiple facets the band has, and lead by a charismatic vocalist, Vlad In Tears has it all to be in a leading position in this genre, not sure what faults could one find to this new album of theirs... As personal favorites on this album I'd say Heavy Rain and Tears Won't Fall.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10