Country: Switzerland
Title: [e]met
Label: Auric Records
Year: 2019
Style: Doom Death Metal

Since their 2005 EP Arise, material that marked the band's come-back o a discographic level, Swiss Doom Death legends Excruciation became more and more productive each year and although they've produced only 4 full-length albums to date, they've armored their discography with a ton of EPs, splits and compilations to keep things active and fresh at all times. This time here we're treated with a whooping 16 tracks clocking 75 minutes of playing time, a compilation of original tracks and covers previously unreleased or released on different splits or compilations (among which also our Slowly We Rot Compilation Vol.5 with a rough version of Murmansk II, track that was then polished and featured on their [g]host album). The visual part of this is excellent, an 8 panels digipak CD with expressive artwork and lyrics to all tracks featured, plus all the extra info needed, top notch by far! The music is what Excruciation used its followers so far, a slow to mid-tempo Doom Death with melodies springing from the complex and very varied guitar work instead of keys of synths, so it all sounds simpler and organic, more honest I'd dare to say. Because we're getting tracks from all periods of the band's history and plenty of covers on top of this the whole sounds varied, with serious differences between each track, but I'd say Eugenio's vocals somehow curdle the whole thing together so it sounds like a unified material, like a real album. It's a real pleasure to witness these veterans' trajectory in the past few years, they are a delight to listen to and definitely have their own original path they follow, if you ask me Excruciation is one of the top bands in this genre in Europe at the moment even though (or especially because) they do things mostly DIY fashion. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10