Country: Italy
Title: Worse Weather to Come
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Along the years Italy had a ton of Metal bands that had a certain success at one point, but many of them ceased to exist after a while. At the same time Italy has a handful of bands that are continuing on their path (still in the underground) since the '90's or even earlier, and Frostmoon Eclipse is one of them, a band that was formed back in 1994 and kept pushing and releasing stuff even if its members were involved in other bands/projects in the meantime; a band that has proven to be serious and dedicated, this making it a respectable torchbearer in the Italian scene. The new album, their seventh, made of 8 tracks clocking 45 minutes of playing time, is exploring melodic and technical mid-tempo to fast paced Black Metal that welcomes influences from other styles without diluting its angry, rough core, the term exploration is the right one in their case although they keep a tight link with the basic structure of their music, you won't have the chance to say they have softened too much because the next passage could be neck-breaking fast and aggressive. What impressed me the most about this new album of theirs the ease of switching between different parts, different rhythms and influences yet keeping an impression of natural, easy-flowing and even classy composition skills, and s much as you listen to the album as much it grows on you, it allows you to discover new and new dimensions. Bottom line I think Frostmoon Eclipse have produced a perfectly mature and serious record offering the audience a fresh and complete experience into current Black Metal fields. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10