Underground DEMOlition Vol.1

If everyone is supporting either bands that make them tons of views and potentially will make them money, or mainstream bands, or old forgotten demos, we decided to support upcoming bands, recent demos that need your attention and bands that need your support. Enjoy!

All tracks are taken from the bands Bandcamp pages by downloading their material (most of it, if not all, is available for free download from them directly), we mean ne copyright infringement, this video is not and will never be monetized!

All demos released between 18 January - 25 January 2021! Support the bands!

01. Bestial Putrefaction (Black Death Metal, Canada) - Entrails of Hate 
- taken from Demo 2021 -

02. Cruel Master (Punk Black Metal, USA) - Sleazy Fuck
- taken from Repeat Offender -

03. Eighten Neintres (Raw Black Metal, USA) - Better in Darkness
- taken from What Do You Know About the Devil -

04. Intestinal Secretion (Brutal Death Metal, USA) - Consuming The Cerebral Cortex
- taken from 2021 Promo -

05. Murder Mountain (Doom Death Metal, Australia) - Catherine Wheel
- taken from Demo 2021 -

06. Nox Terror (Black Metal, Chile) - Apathy
- taken from Cold -​

07. Stikkersvin (Black Metal, Denmark) - Rytterknægt
- taken from Kælderens Barn -

08. Swamp Hawk (Stoner Doom Metal, USA) - Pissant 
- taken from Live at Sneak Attack -

09. Wizzerd (Stoner Doom Metal, USA) - Ergosphere
- taken from Volume I -

10. Xulifer (Black Death Metal, USA) - The Nihilist
- taken from Blood Oath -​

Our personal Top 3:

1. Stikkersvin 
2. Wizzerd
3. Swamp Hawk

What's yours?