Country: Poland
Title: In Nomine Rex Inferni
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

I find 2 years to be the best distance between albums for underground bands (1 years distance is too early, doesn't give you the chance to properly promote the first material, and 3 years is a bit too much is you don't tour like crazy to keep things hot), and Occultum are right in that category with this second studio album, a 2 years distance from their debut, Towards Eternal Chaos. Here we get 7 new tracks in almost 50 minutes of playing time, a journey through hateful, uncompromising, old-school Black Metal. The best feature about Occultum's music in my opinion is the diversity; although for a profane "ear" it might all sound the same, I'd say Occultum managed to spice things up quite a lot, their music ranging from slow, hypnotic mostly instrumental passages to fast and devastating outbursts of sharp guitar riffs and demolishing rhythm section, vocals "traveling" all over the Extreme Metal spectrum in order to better express hate, despair and horror. Than there's the constant feeling that the band really took its time with the tracks, nothing seems rushed or pushed, and we even get those evil, atmospheric mid-tempo passages bands like Mgla built their name on. A complete journey through fierce, terrifying Black Metal, nothing more, nothing less. CDs come in a limited edition (of probably 666 or 1000 copies) hand-numbered golden CDs with 12 pages booklet featuring all lyrics and special graphic symbols to illustrate the lyrics better which shows good care towards this material.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10