Country: Switzerland
Title: Harlech's Sleep / Cyhyraeth
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

Featuring members from Path of Desolation or 3 Days of Silence (oh man, I still remember their exceptional debut album... what's up with them nowadays?), Duthaig are a full line-up band presenting their debut demo through a DIY cardboard sleeved CD that gives you the impression they are looking to be original even before listening to their music. The music shows little signs of originality as it blends second wave Black Metal with Post Black Metal as the band agrees and states on their page, but I have to admit this impression of mine is also determined by the fact I didn't like the production at all, the mix gets chaotic at times and buries some elements that would have been way better if presented upfront. But as this is just a demo for proving what the band is inclining towards, to prove their abilities and intentions I'd say it makes a good point: the band has clear potential and although I don't like programmed drums, in their case I think they can turn this into an advantage, some passages are quite original, and also the horn-like effects are a major plus for the band if they don't bury it somewhere in the background like they did here. From the atmosphere point of view they managed to sound heavy, desperate, melancholic, and somber at the same time, if you listen closely by the end of this demo you'll realize it managed to capture your attention and that's what matters.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10