Country: Germany
Title: Tales of a Future Past
Label: Butler Records
Year: 2020
Style: Progressive Thrash Metal

The German thrashers were a pleasant surprise! The gentlemen keep the level of the musical path, which in the 90s was called "technothrash" (from the technique and not the keyboards beat) and today it is just progressive thhrashmetal. The new album is closer to the atmosphere of Gordian Knot, Dream Theater, Therion and Joe Satriani than to thrash strictly speaking. Heavy metal vocals are arranged in a very interesting way with symphonic riffs and broken rhythms of rock psychedelia, the dry ear of a music lover will catch a pinch of folk, not only taken from guitar’s way. Each of the tracks tells a story that connects the title of the album like a buckle. It's a bit of a "Decameron" and a bit of a nod to the times (and their musical crossroads) when Marillion recorded the concept albums and in our technothrash bands such as Geisha Goner or Pascal were in the lead. In any case, the Mekong Delta successfully operates with climates ranging from balladic intimacy to lofty pathetic spaces. There is something of fantasy in it (the mature one), but also a peculiar review of world music re-arranged into veeery broadly understood thrash metal. And this is not "naive sailing" like Manowar or Ensiferum (no offense, of course) - "Tales of a Future Past" is something much deeper and much less explicit. Listen, it's worth it!
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 9/10