Country: Belgium
Title: The Black Hand of the Father
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

Don't be fooled by these guys' image, as many other bands they were heavily influenced by the hoodies image a la Mgla, but their music is quite far from the nowadays trend. Antzaat are a new band founded in 2015 seemingly by Ronarg from Ars Veneficium, and what we have here is its debut EP, a 5 tracks effort clocking a good 22 minutes of playing time. The music, as I was saying, is not what's in fashion nowadays, and from my point of view is close to what the Norwegians gave to the World in the second part of the '90's, with the difference that Antzaat doesn't rely at all on keyboards' addition to the atmospheres, they rely solely on what the guitars are building, and I have to say that's excellent. The more I listen to this album, them more I like it, it's like an ivy that grows on you as time goes by, a Norwegian type of Black Metal based on clever and technical guitars constructions built on top of a skeleton of intense drumming and incisive bass lines, and all these complimented by a vicious, ice spitting vocalist that even though not versatile enough does a good job in transmitting emotions. It all sounds quite epic and grandiose, so you can imagine how good those guitar harmonies are, but apart from that the compositions, the band's ability to build tension, and calm things down at the right moment, are excellent. A great debut EP, give it a try and make sure you spin it at least a couple of times before judging it.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10