Country: Belgium
Title: Seeking Infinity
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Progressive Doom Metal

One might know this band as a spearhead of European Funeral Doom Metal in recent years, and so I did, too, so I was expecting another Funeral Doom extensive work on this new, fourth studio album of theirs. Instead Pantheist is somehow spreading its wings all over the Doom Metal spectrum, even borrowing plenty of elements from other territories like Black Metal, Death Metal or even Symphonic Metal. Seeking Infinity, besides being a heavy, oppressive, massive wall of emotional Metal music, offers a lot of depth in song structures and compositions complexity, too, one can sense and is being transmitted there was a huge amount of work and careful planning in all details of this album, it feels overwhelming at times, but it's very satisfying for the listener. The 6 tracks featured here (clocking an hour of playing time) are balanced between the emotional, grieving atmosphere of the '90's Doom Death Metal with its expressive and catchy guitar leads, and the martial, cold atmosphere of "modern" Funeral Doom Metal, with passages reminding of Cascadian Black Metal thrown in there now and again. A fantastic album, from my point of view perfect from all sides, a colossal new output that deserves attention from the fans of this genre.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10