Country: Spain / Spain
Title: Split
Label: Nigra Mors
Year: 2018
Style: Symphonic Industrial Metal / Noise Doom Metal

Spanish one man band Rmest makes its debut on this split offering 2 long tracks that total 14 minutes of playing time, enough to make one's mind on what the project tries to come up with. Blending Symphonic soundscapes with Industrial guitar riffs and industrial-like cold synths supported by melodic keyboards, plus the obvious drum-programming, and curious enough what seems to be a live-recorded bass; classical music influences are present on the first track, and I can hear even a flamenco-influenced passage on the second track, so it's quite clear Armesto, the man behind Rmest is open to as many experiments as possible. Cool there are no vocals here, I think they would pinpoint the project to a specific genre and target audience, while this way the guy can experiment as much as he wants to. The debut is excellent, and although I'm not a fan of the genre I can appreciate he did a very good job here.
Sordida Nox offer 3 tracks into 14 minutes, their music being a combination of sinister, raw, unpolished and organic sounding Doom Metal based on long, dragging and repetitive guitar riffs, mid-tempo drumming, melodic leads, heavy bass lines and a depressive growling vocal somehow in the back of the instruments. To be honest I don't like the vocals, nor how they sound in the mix, I think more could be achieved with better vocals and a different mix because the instrumental part is actually quite good, and since we're here I'd say the combination with Noise elements is brilliant, it sounds great and it should be developed more by Sordida Nox. 
Both acts here have their own identity, both are recommended if you're looking for something different than what's out there in bulk. Released in a 100 copies limited edition Digipak CDR by Nigra Mors.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10   7/10