Country: Sweden
Title: Werewolves in the Iron Sky
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

One of the multiple projects/bands Rogga Johanson is involved in, Humanity Delete was started back in 2003, but only begun releasing stuff in 2012, and here we have its third full-length album, a 9 tracks effort clocking a bit over half an hour of playing time. To be honest I don't get why Rogga decided to have a separate one man project beside the ones named Rogga Johanson (that released an album this year), or Severed Limbs (that had a full-length out last year), maybe others too... The music is basically the same: old-school simple mid-tempo Death Metal built on an endless series of guitar riffs, with occasional chaotic solos and rare melodic guitar leads. Not to be mean or anything, but they all sound almost the same, I'd have a hard time finding differences between them, and the problem is all tracks sound basically the same, there's simply not enough variety to make something stand out from the rest. To some this might just be Rogga's charm and edge, so I'm sure a new Humanity Delete album is just what they were expecting from the Swedish Death Metal veteran, but to be honest to me it just seems like he's repeating the same stuff over and over again just changing or adding minor, non-important elements, and in the end this might just take his work into mediocrity. Anyway, back to Werewolves, the first thing that hits you are the fat, meaty guitar riffs, the best feature of Humanity Delete's music, a mix of Six Feet Under, Obituary and maybe old Grave with a touch of mid-tempo Thrash, too, so expect infecting, headbanging-friendly riffs to make you at least bob your head during the audition. The production is good, all sounds clear, no complaints, it's just that, as said earlier, as time passes it all levels and becomes quite dull (probably also because the vocal section is quite simple as well), at least to me. Give it a spin and make your own mind.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10