Hello! At the beginning tell me some words about Delictium Initiale for Romanian and foreign metal fans.
Mucha: Hail for all maniacs of heavy sounds! Ok., let’s start from the beginning. Our band was formed in the XX century yet, in February 1998. We recorded two demos, so our first demo is not a high quality material, that was in other style than today’s Delictium Initiale. That has not been relased officially, that was only recorded on MC tape, without title (I named it „Ars Moriendi” for myself, ha, ha). What is so interesting, is the fact that it was recorded as „100” (recorded as one flow without divided on soundwaves).  The 2nd demo called „The Curse of World” was prepared in professional studio. That was self relased in the second part of 2005. Our „the last baby”, full lenght album called „Betrayal of Main Thought” we recorded at the end of 2009 and that is self relased album too, so some small labels are interested in publishing it. For all these years we played a lot of gigs, we got to know lots of very good, interesting bands and a lot of fantastic people! We gained a lot of our true fans as well and we don’t look on troubles, we still love and have fun like small children, he, he, to play metal 

Maldarius, question for you: latin name of your band and your very interesting job... I see that such things has influence on your music? Is that true?
Maldarius: All influences all, I think... Delictum Initiale means in Latin "Crime of passion”, that is our feeling during playing concerts and check sounds. We have a lot of power to play, the name of our band is very good to describe our music work. So we don’t break the law, of course, he, he  I invented our name a long time ago but I knew right away that the name would be good. I started my work later than I invited name of my band. Nobody knows about connection between my job and my playing guitar. I’ve been working with real people and all my contacts with them could be inspiration. These people have mental disorders, they need help. I’ve been working in institution supporting people with mental disorders, I’m a therapist. Once I asked my very crazy patient to write some lyrics for Delictum Initiale but he didn’t do it and I’m still waiting... My work is very important for me of course but music is a very good kind of relax after my hard work. I think it is not a coincidence that my work is connected with Delictium Initiale. I wasn’t wondering if e.g. my new track is the result of my the latest contacts with my patients. My colleague from my city, Miastko (North Poland at the Baltic Sea),  is a bass player in one of punk/reggae/ska bands. He works in mental hospital, he is going to work in the new section of it, section for older and sick without hope... That will be a big inspiration for play music, he, he...  In Delictium Initiale we are big friends, we have fun to play metal, we all love metal best, we have been joined by playing metal for many years and we still have a recpect for each other. This is most important!

What about concerts in the North Poland? How many people are coming to gigs?
Mucha: It is not so good, but from time to time we have some very good gigs with a lot of fans. Next time we have bad gigs with empty concert room... So I think that playing live music is the most important of it, all concerts makes me happy. In previous years we played a lot of concerts, now we play from time to time, it’s normal, we started work, we have our families. It’s hard to find a lot of free time but we still try!

Ok, another question about your concerts, do you remember any special situation (the best and the worst) from gigs?
Maldarius: It will be better don’t talk about the worst... The main problem are dishonest organisators of gigs who don’t pay after concerts, one of these people was a chief of motorbikes festival, f**k... Some people are not tolerant towards other music genres, e.g. during the local open air fests when local discopolo bands perform (discopolo is a disco music genre) we don’t go there and we don’t scream "F**k off!!!!” under the stage, but we sit, drink beer and have fun  I don’t understand that some people do it, if you don’t like that genre of music, just don’t listen to it and it’s all. About nice situations, after the concerts we like talking with fans very much, listening to their opinions, drinking some beer. Then we return home. On our way home we have specific atmosphere, we love it and I don’t mean just only drinking alcohol during this coming 

Death metal is death metal, but have you other music fascinations that influence Delictum Initiale’s sounds?
Mucha: We are true metal fans since the time when we were young. We like death metal best and this metal genre is the deepest in our minds. These sounds have the best influence on our act of creation. I like hard rock and ethno too and the big composers of classical music like Bethoven, Vivaldi and our fellow countryman, Chopin.

"Betrayal of Main Thought” was self relased in 2009. In my opinion this is very good, technical death metal. Are you working on new material at the moment? Are you looking for any labels for professional relase?
Mucha: Thanks for your kind words! We think the same, „Betrayal of Main Thought” is our the best material, we are proud of it! I know that we always make small mistakes but the main idea is self-improvement and approaching to perfection. At the moment we are working on the new tracks. As I said before, we have to find some time for it because we are dependant from our work system, but finally effect will be good for us and for metal maniacs too, I hope. 

And what about other future plans?
Mucha: To compose, to record, to edit, to play more concerts, to find more listeners, and to stay yourself! 

We are living in Internet Era, so the last question is: where can we catch Delictum Initiale in world wide web?
Mucha:  We have got Myspace profile: www.myspace.com/delictuminitiale Thanks a lot for interview and presentation Delictum Initiale in Pest Zine. We are going to play our music still. Ave !!!

January 2011

Interviewed by Vilcin

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