Country: France
Title: Just Fucking Christ
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Black'n'Roll

By the time I'm reviewing this, it is an old release, but it's the first and so far only full-length album by French one man Black Metal army Old Black released 12 years after the band's inception (back then there were more members in the band). After a pretty unusual opening track, Verdun, which is an instrumental fast-paced Black Metal track, Old Black starts to mix the intense traditional rhythms with some groovier passages hence the Black'n'Roll result; the fast passages are brutal as hell, and the production is raw and abrasive, so I don't think the mix will detract classic Black Metal maniacs from enjoying it. What I feel like needed some more work are the slow to mid-paced parts of the album, sometimes they sound uninspired and just thrown inthere to lenghthen the tracks, I don't feel like they enhance manage to enhance the rotten, decaying atmosphere of this material like I guess they were supposed to; also the first part of the track Succubus I feel like being under the overall level of the album. All in all I'd say Old (the guy behind this project) managed to deliver an enjoyable album fans of rawer and at the same time groovier types of Black Metal sounds will enjoy.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10