Country: Poland
Title: Death and Decay Considerations
Label: Old Temple 
Year: 2019
Style: Black Death Metal

It took them 5 years for Serpent Seed to followup after their Debris of Faith debut from 2014, but after spining the for a while now I can say it was worth the wait for their fans. Death and Decay Considerations continues what the band started a few years ago meaning a Black Death Metal with occult, hateful, oppressive attitude, dark atmospheres and sinister compositions that leave no space at all to delightful melodies or to any trace of light whatsoever. The compositions are good, their technical level and rhythm changes allows them to avoid boredom, and even though the most part of this album is made of fast paced rhythms, the slow and mid-tempo passages, when they occur, are absolutely heavy, massive and powerful so that judged as a whole the album is like a monolith of hatred and aggression. The quintet hailing from the small city Lask, from the Center of Poland, did a good job processing old-school influences from traditional Death Metal, Black Death and even Doom Death into a furious album that doesn't excells through its originality, but rather through it's tormenting atmosphere, actually I think the highlights of the music here are the drums and guitar work, quite complex and expressive to allow the album to expand in many different ways. Not a surprising or original material, that's for sure, but a honest and serious work by a mature band well worth checking out.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10